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Volunteer Central's Sector News E-Newsletter Archive


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    Blessed is the One Who is Kind to the Needy

    15 Oct, 2019

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker   Since the advent of civilization, there has existed the poor and down-trodden. And, since time immemorial, there has existed compassionate, fortunate people to help them. Small acts of kindness, donations, and long-standi…

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    Volunteer of the Month - Erica Herron

    30 Sep, 2019

    180 hours. That is the amount of time that Erica Herron has spent volunteering for the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation. It is a significant amount of time, but that is not the only reason Erica has been given this award. It is the manner in which she d…

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    Our Home and Native Land

    25 Sep, 2019

    Canada is bilingual. That means that no matter where you go in this nation, you have the right to express yourself in English or French. But think of the difficulties you would have moving to a place where no one spoke your language. That is the difficulty…

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    Keeping Good Company

    24 Sep, 2019

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker   It is a matter of course that we age. Getting older with time is some-thing we’re all doing, as long as we’re alive. And during our lifespan, we need companionship. We are social beings, and we were born to be with other…

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    A Place to Call Home

    28 Aug, 2019

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker It is easy for those of us that were born here in Canada to navigate our cultural landscape. It comes almost automatically. But just imagine what it would be like if, for some obscure and difficult-to-imagine reason, you mad…

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    Facing a Difficult Challenge

    21 Aug, 2019

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker Let us be honest: no one wants a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. But perfection is a thing that our world doesn’t deal in. It short-changes, disappoints and breaks us down. It can be hard, tough and cruel. That does not mean, by a…

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    Engaging YOUth Conference 2019

    14 Aug, 2019

    Engaging YOUth Conference 2019 Community Agency/Group Vendor Information You are invited to join us for the Engaging YOUth Conference as a local Central Alberta community agency/group on September 20th at the Penhold Multiplex. The conference is being hos…

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    Volunteer of the Month Awards

    09 Aug, 2019

    We are excited to announce our partnership with Parkland Mall as we launch our Volunteer of the Month recognition program in September!  We all know how crucial volunteers are to our organizations, so we want to make sure these hardworking individuals are…


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