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Sector News

Volunteer Central's Sector News E-Newsletter Archive


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    Engaging YOUth Conference 2019

    14 Aug, 2019

    Engaging YOUth Conference 2019 Community Agency/Group Vendor Information You are invited to join us for the Engaging YOUth Conference as a local Central Alberta community agency/group on September 20th at the Penhold Multiplex. The conference is being hos…

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    Volunteer of the Month Awards

    09 Aug, 2019

    We are excited to announce our partnership with Parkland Mall as we launch our Volunteer of the Month recognition program in September!  We all know how crucial volunteers are to our organizations, so we want to make sure these hardworking individuals are…

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    To Those Who Need It Most

    30 Jul, 2019

    Written By Ryan Charles Parker     Of course, many don’t think that a disaster situation will happen to them. That doesn’t happen here. It only happens to other people. Why give in to excessive worry?   Granted, there is no reason to delve into exce…

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    Inclusion Without Conditions

    24 Jul, 2019

      Written by Ryan Charles Parker   Life gives us all mountains to climb. Obstacles that we would rather not have to traverse. Most of these simply come with the territory when you are born in this world. But some of these mountains are man-made. Diffic…

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    Transitioning Through Tragedy

    17 Jul, 2019

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker Perhaps you arrive at home in the evening and notice that the window on your front door is broken. Upon entering the house, you notice that some of your electronics have been stolen. You immediately notify the police as to w…

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    The Not-So-Sexy Side of Volunteering

    16 Jul, 2019

    Written by Danielle Stewart   Volunteering is multi-faceted in its importance to our society.  It enriches our society, brings us together as a community, and helps keep organizations afloat. However, when we think of volunteering, there seems to be an a…

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    Lending a Helping Hand

    04 Jul, 2019

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker    /      Photo: The Lending Cupboard There are two groups of people that directly benefit from the tremendous work The Lending Cupboard does on a daily basis: those with health issues and everybody else.   Why is t…

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    Road Bumps, Not Roadblocks

    27 Jun, 2019

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker Photo: Janet de LaForest of Learning Disabilities Association of Red Deer   Perhaps you have a child who is very bright. She can carry on conversations. She can solve practical problems with great efficiency. She has an …


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