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COVID-19 Resources

Government of Alberta Emergency Management Unsolicited Offers Program

Emergency Response Data Base 

If you are interested in offering your support during times of disaster or emergency you can use the form below to provide us with details of your product or service. 

Should there be an emergency requirement for your product or service, you will be contacted by a representative of the Government of Alberta.  

Inclusion of your services on this list does not do not constitute or imply the endorsement or recommendation of the Government of Alberta.


Emergency Isolation Support Application: 

Financial support for working Albertans who are experiencing a loss of income resulting from self-isolation due to COVID-19.


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Providing safe and timely access to supports and services is at the heart of what we do. Our government is committed to addressing family violence and, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue supporting vulnerable Albertans. We encourage your organizations to balance the safety of your staff and clients with keeping your critical services available to support Albertans experiencing family violence.


Social connectedness

Isolation is a risk factor for family violence, so during this time of physical social distancing, we encourage everyone to stay socially connected. Consider staying connected with family, friends, colleagues and community however you can: through phone, text, video chat or social media.


Update your organization’s service changes

We are encouraging Albertans experiencing family violence to call the Family Violence Info Line. The trained staff on the line can provide advice and support, and information on supports and services available in the caller’s area.

Please take the time to update the Family Violence Info Line with any changes to your agency’s service delivery by emailing:

Please note, the Family Violence Info Line will continue to help Albertans get connected to the right information and supports. They are doing their best to meet the increased demand. However, Albertans may experience higher than normal wait times to reach someone.


For latest updates on servicessupports, or resources:


  • Family Violence Info Line
    • Call 310-1818 | 24/7 | 170+ languages
    • Chat online | 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. daily | English




From our friends at the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations:

As we practice social distancing and self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many individuals that need support and require assistance. It is a natural instinct to want to help those in need. This document will provide the current information we have as it pertains to volunteerism, we hope to update it regularly with resources and support.

Current Statement from Volunteer Canada: 

Volunteer Canada recognizes that in times of community distress many individuals want to be of assistance, helping where there is need. In almost every form of emergency, the offer of help and willingness to gather to get things done is appreciated. In a pandemic, this is not the case. Social distancing is the recommended course for containing virus spread. We also know that social isolation can be very damaging and that this is a time when we need to be conscious of people in need within our families, social circles, and neighbourhoods. One to one contact is not advised, but check in calls, emails and social media contact can be very helpful. Adding regular connecting via technology is a great way for individuals to help.


Here are three important elements you should consider before volunteering during the pandemic: 

Stay Safe, Stay Cautious, and maybe Stay at Home

Although our first instincts tend to focus on how to help, the best thing you can do in this situation is prioritize yourself and your health, and unfortunately this means staying home. This assists with community efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you must go out in public, ensure that you practice social distancing.  

There are numerous resources on how to stay safe. Check out resources from the Government of Alberta and the World Health Organization. 

If you are in a situation in which you must volunteer (for instance, for a pre-existing commitment), ensure you are taking every precaution possible including: 

  • Regularly washing hands 
  • Practicing social distancing 
  • Limiting contact as much as possible 
  • Talk with the organization about their policies and procedures around COVID-19

When in doubt, defer to the advice of your volunteer managers and representatives. Not only will their insight be the most accurate, but your cooperation will go a long way in lessening their stress and workload during this time.  

Also be cautious when managing or volunteering for grassroots initiatives without clear and comprehensive guidelines and screening procedures. Unscreened and unofficial volunteers put themselves and initiatives at risk of being held legally liable for damages or injuries that occur while volunteering.

Consider Remote Volunteering

Remote volunteerism and microvolunteerism are fantastic alternatives if you’re eager to contribute to your community, while providing options for you to use some of that at-home time in a productive manner. 

What is remote volunteerism? 

Remote volunteering allows you to volunteer from the comfort of your own home. While charities and non-profits assess and identify their greatest needs from volunteers, there are easy and effective options for you to consider without needing to leave the house.

  • Have phone/video conversations with seniors, many of whom struggle with social isolation even without a pandemic affecting their social lives.
  • Connect with your family and loved ones often. Even a short phone call every few days can have a hugely calming affect on you and those around you. 
  • Support local business through donations, purchasing gift cards for use at a later date, using delivery services or leaving great reviews for them online.
  • Volunteer Connector keeps an ongoing inventory of volunteer opportunities, including remote volunteering.

Microvolunteering is defined by key aspects, including a short commitment, centered around a specific project and primarily done on one’s own time. There are multiple online resources for how you can contribute, but to get you thinking here are some examples of microvolunteerism: 

  • Signing a petition for cause you’re passionate about. 
  • Creating craft kits for children. 
  • Editing and formatting documents. 
  • Quilting for those in need. 
  • Helping with snow removal, for example, could help reduce risk of virus exposure for your neighbours and vulnerable citizens.

There are multiple opportunities available on Volunteer Canada’s website. Click here to learn more and find your microvolunteerism opportunity. 

Support Your Community!

Left unchecked, isolation can become quite harmful to many individuals. A fantastic way to support those around you is to maintain conversations through daily or regular check-ins by phone or videoconference. Physical distancing doesn’t mean we can’t stay social; get creative to ensure those around you feel supported.

For more resources, we encourage you to visit the Canadian Mental Health Association’s website.


It can be incredibly difficult to cope not just with isolation, but also with the acceptance that, in this case, our efforts to help may cause more harm than good. 

We’ll be speaking with non-profits extensive in the coming days and weeks to get a better understanding of where there is a demand for volunteers to help during COVID-19.

By diverting your efforts towards a virtual space and maintaining social distancing, you can have a profoundly positive impact on our society, both immediately and long-term.

In the meantime, we encourage you to share your favourite volunteer activity, organization, or story with your friends, family and on social media to maintain Edmonton’s incredible volunteer spirit. 

That way, once we transition back towards normal social patterns, our thousands of non-profits and charities will have no problem finding their next star volunteers.



Dear Valued Supporter,

Our donation bins are overflowing, and some are becoming garbage dumps.

We need your help.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and crucial physical distancing orders by governments that non-essential services be stopped, the pick-up of all textile donations by Diabetes Canada from homes and donation bins across Canada stopped on March 23. This also resulted in the temporary lay-off of more than 500 staff who manage our donation bin service.

Sadly, some residents continue to drop off donations at our bins even though we cannot empty them at this time; and some individuals are using Diabetes Canada donation bins to dump garbage and more. This is posing a serious health and safety issue. We have contacted government agencies to help us to remove the garbage however we have not yet been successful. We simply do not have the financial resources to deploy staff to clean the garbage around our more than 5,000 bins.

We are urging you to contact your local provincial/municipal elected officials and local media to apprise them of this serious issue and request that they help inform the public to immediately stop leaving donations or dumping at donation bins. We need your help to get this message out to government authorities and the media. Please feel free to use this open letter to help us raise more awareness.

Our organization relies on your generous charitable clothing donations as a crucial source of revenue that supports diabetes research, sends kids with type 1 to camp and sustains our efforts to end the fight against diabetes. Additionally, more than 100 million pounds of textiles are diverted from landfill annually. With an extended stoppage of service, Diabetes Canada has lost one its major sources of revenue which impacts millions of Canadians with diabetes and prediabetes.



If you are looking for ways to help our community cope with ongoing COVID-19 situation, below are requests from our partner organizations. Please continue to refer back to this page as it gets updated with new requests. 
Canadian Mental Health Association:
  • Looking for perishable food items for tenants who are quarantined and volunteers to assist at Amethyst House and/or the homeless quarantine location.
  • Email info(at) or call the main line and leave a message at 403-342-2266
The Lending Cupboard:
  • The Lending Cupboard is now open by appointment only. Those wishing to book an appointment can do so by calling 403-358-1678.

    The organization is not taking any medical equipment returns at this time. The Lending Cupboard is doing outside pickups only as a continued safety measure.

The Golden Circle:

  • The Golden Circle is closed for all programs and events until June 30th, when the City will re-evaluate and inform us of our next steps.
  • The Golden Circle is still providing limited outreach services.  The phones will be answered between 8:30 and 4:30
  • The frozen meal program is still available to support isolated seniors and people with disabilities, call 403-343-6074 to place an order.  A menu is on their website at


The Salvation Army:

  • Food Bank is still operating, but people do need to book an appointment and we've had to revise the hours and distribution process to avoid passing on any germs if possible. 
  • Items that are needed for Food Bank are cleaners, canned goods, toilet paper, shampoo, soap or any other personal care items. 


The Mustard Seed:

Open M/W/F 12 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. |    T/Th   8a.m. to 3p.m.   |     Leave donations at door

  • Gown (FDA) Hazmat Suit Sealing Strip
  • Non-contact thermometers
  • Surgical Masks (FDA)
  • Masks (FDA & NIOSH)
  • Masks (Face Shield)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hygiene items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, feminine hygiene products)
  • Juice boxes
  • Bottled water
  • Fresh fruit
  • Granola Bars


  • Family Services of Central Alberta; office is closed to public. 

    Our Family Therapists continue to see clients through the use of various technology and phone. Our Play Therapist has been very successful working with the kids via video conferencing.

    ·         Our Home visitors are supporting their families in the same way through various uses of technology.

    ·         Home Support will be back up and running in the next few days after we are able to ensure we have the equipment and training to keep everyone safe

    ·         Our main line is open if anyone needs any form of support they certainly can call in and we can chat with them or get them to the right supports.( 403-343-6400)

    ·         We are looking at trying to get some groups up on line so keep an eye on our social media ( Facebook and Instagram)  and website( for more information

    ·         Unfortunately we have had to cancel the annual Children’s Festival for June 5th & 6th

  • Youth HQ; staff available by phone or email. Applications and paperwork can be dropped off in a mailbox outside the front door
  • Red Deer Public Library; online content available. Visit
  • Canadian Mental Health Association; our Systems Navigator is available at 403-506-9955 who is trying to help people navigate the government announcements for support as best they can. Crisis Counselor available at 403-304-7662 - as long as they remain healthy! You can also still call our main office line at 403-342-2266 and we will check messages as often as possible.
  • The Lending Cupboard; staff available by email or phone. 
  • Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre; staff available by email or phone.
  • United Way of Central Alberta; staff available by email or phone.
  • City of Red Deer Recreational and Cultural Centres
  • Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery
  • The Golden Circle; staff available by email or phone. 
  • Alberta Sports Hall of Fame
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore; Habitat for Humanity Red Deer on reduced hours
The Outreach Centre:

The Outeach Centre, home of Womens Outreach and Suicide Information & Education Services, remains available and committed to supporting those in need and requiring assistance.

Connect with us by PHONE Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm at (403) 342-4966 or 1-866-347-2480.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure the health and safety of our staff, clients and communities our building will not be available to the general public. It is important that we do our part to reduce the risk of transmission to all.

Need Help Now?

We are offering FREE single phone/video sessions with one of our therapists and mental health professionals. Call (403)342-4966 or email alesia.hadija(at) to schedule an appointment.

Family Services of Central Alberta:

Our Family Therapists continue to see clients through the use of various technology and phone. Our Play Therapist has been very successful working with the kids via video conferencing.

·         Our Home visitors are supporting their families in the same way through various uses of technology.

·         Home Support will be back up and running in the next few days after we are able to ensure we have the equipment and training to keep everyone safe

·         Our main line is open if anyone needs any form of support they certainly can call in and we can chat with them or get them to the right supports.( 403-343-6400)

·         We are looking at trying to get some groups up on line so keep an eye on our social media ( Facebook and Instagram)  and website( for more information

·         Unfortunately we have had to cancel the annual Children’s Festival for June 5th & 6th


Lacombe Sobeys Golden Grocery Delivery option:  

Lacombe FCSS has teamed up with Lacombe Sobeys to offer home grocery delivery to  help individuals, seniors, families and other vulnerable Lacombe residents who are isolated or impacted by measures to contain COVID-19.

To take part, follow these step:

1)   Call Lacombe Connex at 403-786-9000 or Lacombe FCSS at 403-782-6637 to see if you are eligible to use this grocery delivery service.

    - if eligible Lacombe Connex will take the customers contact information:

      Name\ Address \ Phone number  

2) Call Lacombe Sobeys at 403-782-7871 to place a 2 bag maximum order over the phone.  Please provide Lacombe Sobeys employee with a clear and concise shopping list.

3) Lacombe Sobeys will take payment for the Groceries over the phone - Lacombe Sobeys will take the customers contact information:  Name\  Address \ Phone number 

4) Please note transportation & grocery orders will be delivered on a "next day" basis. 

5) Delivery will be made daily between 10 am and Noon, Monday to Friday The Lacombe Connex delivery service will be offered free of charge.


COVID-19 Safe work practices will be followed





COOP and No Frills in Innisfail has opened one hour earlier on Monday | Wednesday | Friday’s for shopping for seniors or those with mobility and/or special needs.  COOP is 7-8 a.m. and No Frills is 8-9 a.m. 

COOP and Pharmasave does deliveries. 



West View Coop has a reliable delivery service of groceries. Preferred Pharmacy in Olds delivers prescriptions:   Phone: 403-415-9850


Rocky Mountain House:

Meals on Wheels program in Rocky Mountain House and Caroline.

Food Bank is giving out hampers by appointment only today (March 19, 2020; a sandwich board was out on the street in front to indicate this)

Soup kitchen cancelled. However, the Asokewin Friendship Centre (previously Rocky Native Friendship Centre) is open daily serving food right next door.

Our FCSS Program & Volunteer Coordinator manages a Volunteer Registry. If a senior has a need, they may utilize local volunteers as an option. Feel free to give them her number (403) 895-2763 if they are in need of help. 


Three Hills:

Seniors Outreach in Kneehill County has recently limited our reach.  Our main office will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. We would prefer phone in appointments unless absolutely needed to meet in person.  We have social space available, and are trying to be cognizant of  health and safety protocols to sanitize, etc. Our CommUnity Drop-In Centre, Three Hills is closed as of March 18. Our buses will not be running from March 18 onward. We have some limited caring car drivers and other volunteers who are willing to deliver food, etc. to seniors as the need arises. Still have Meal on Wheels available in Linden, Acme, Three Hills and Frozen meals available through meals on wheels for Carbon and Three Hills.  This depends on our volunteer drivers continuing to help out. They will need to phone us at 403-443-2555 or in Carbon area at 1-888-443-2555 for assistance.



Prescriptions- Shopper’s Drug Mart and Apple Drugs both deliver. Groceries- None of the grocery stores are taking orders or deliver. 

Meals on Wheels is still running and will deliver 403-742-6568.  They are also willing to deliver groceries or prescriptions for their clients. There are no services to deliver from the bank or post office.

  • CommUnity: Power of One Event
  • Free Tax Clinics @ Golden Circle; 
  •       The tax clinics on March 21, 28, and April 4th have been cancelled. Future dates are to be determined. For more information go to the Golden Circle website.
  • Drop In Digital Literacy Fair; March 20th; Red Deer Public Library; Dawe Branch
Red Deer & District Community Foundation Announces $50,000 in support for local charities
(Red Deer, AB) In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Red Deer & District Community Foundation announced on Friday they are committing a minimum of $50,000.00 towards immediate support for front line charities in Central Alberta.
“Our charitable sector is being presented with obstacles they could never have imagined,” Erin Peden, Executive Director said. “As a Community Foundation, we pledge to provide supports wherever possible.”
Earlier this week the Foundation suspended their spring grants in anticipation of greater immediate needs. At present $50,000 has been committed in response to the COVID crisis; however Peden says the Foundation will address needs as they are presented above and beyond the initial commitment.
“In the meantime, we ask our friends, colleagues and donors to consider contributing to the Red Deer & District Community Foundation COVID Response Fund to help us effectively provide supports where it is needed,” Peden said.  “We will be looking at all areas of need so by donating to the fund, you are putting your support exactly where it is needed.”
According to Peden the Red Deer & District Community Foundation will be working collaboratively with other community funders including the United Way and FCSS to ensure the community as a whole is well supported.
“Never has there ever been a greater need for collaboration,” Peden said. “We will be
communicating openly and regularly with our colleagues to ensure we are creating a blanket of support for Central Alberta.”  
Those wishing to donate to the COVID-19 Response Fund can do so online at
The Red Deer & District Community Foundation has granted over $11.5 million dollars to local charities in the last 30 years and remains dedicated to strengthen the quality of life in Central Alberta. 
For more information or further comment contact:
Erin Peden, Executive Director
Red Deer & District Community Foundation
Suite 503, 4901 48th Street, Red Deer, AB
Phone: (403) 341.6911
In response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Volunteer Central is creating an information hub on our website. The intention of the hub is to communicate your organizational needs to the community and to share information. 
We're reaching out to you to ask you to let us know:
  • Your Increased Needs - do you need?
Emergency facilities (for over-crowding or other reasons) or meeting rooms?
Personal hygiene items
Services e.g. drivers, delivery people
Supports for newcomers e.g. translation services
Supports for mental health
Needs for supports for additional precautions e.g.protecting volunteers from infection
Volunteer management - do you need more volunteers? Do you need supports for volunteers e.g. transportation?
Communication needs - extra equipment, tablets, laptops, printers?
Can we help get the word out about:
  • Canceled programs or events
  • Canceled training
  • Facility closures
We know you are busy dealing with many challenges right now, but ask that you take a moment to let us know what you need. As community members reach out to us asking how they can help, we want to provide them with the most useful information. Like many of you, our staff are working remotely. Please email your information to info(at) with a list of your needs and how community members, donors, or volunteers can reach you.
Together we're stronger.