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Orientation, Training and Supervision of Volunteers (VMC104)

Apr 27th 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Whether the role of a volunteer is basic or more complex, the same level of orientation, training and supervision must be provided in order to help your volunteers perform their tasks to the best of their ability.
Increase your ability to engage volunteers, run dynamic orientations, effective training, and provide support and supervision. As a result, you will also increase the capacity of your volunteer program – helping volunteers gain skills, expand their responsibilities, move into leadership roles or shift their placements within your organization.  Volunteers who are trained and working efficiently are an incredible asset to your organization
In this 1-day, interactive workshop, you will:
  • Define the importance of orientation, training and supervision
  • Discover how to organize and deliver effective orientations and training session
  • Discover best practices on evaluating training 
  • Identify effective strategies for the supervisor.

This course is one of the curriculum courses for the Volunteer Management Certificate Program offered by Volunteer Management Institute.  

Participation in the Certificate Program is NOT required in order to enroll.  


Overview -The responsibility for volunteer management may be assigned to staff whose primary function lies elsewhere, for example: administrative assistance, fund development, human resources or event planning. Many organizations could not function without the generous contribution of their dedicated volunteers. Effective management of volunteers is a crucial element for the success of non-profit organizations. Participants who complete the certificate program will be provided with the knowledge, tools and networking opportunities to align their work with the strategic mission and values of their agency. This in turn strengthens capacity within the organization.

Curriculum - The Volunteer Management Certificate curriculum is based on current accepted core competencies and a body of knowledge which serves as a foundation for volunteer management. Participants will be given many opportunities for interactive learning and is an excellent opportunity to develop professional relationships that will support them following this rich learning experience.

Enrollment -Students wishing to obtain the Volunteer Management Certificate must apply to Volunteer Management Institute to state their intention of completion. There is no fee to apply.