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Alberta Science Network

Position / Placement: Alberta Science Network Board Member

We bring science to life for kids through hands-on activities and provide educators with tools and resources to get kids excited about science. We are looking for Board Members to help the Society realize its vision of continually inspiring kids with science so that they can have fun a discover its relevance to everyday life.

Board Member's duties shall include:

(a) Promoting the objects of the Society;

(b) Promoting membership in the Society;

(c) Hiring the Executive Director to manage and operate the Society;

(d) Regulating the Executive Director’s duties and setting the salary for that position;

(e) Maintaining and protecting the Society’s assets and property;

(f) Approving the annual budget for the Society;

(g) Paying all expenses for operating and managing the Society;

(h) Paying persons for services and protecting persons from debts of the Society;

(i) Investing any extra monies;

(j) Financing the operations of the Society, and borrowing or raising monies;

(k) Making policies for managing and operating the Society;

(l) Maintaining all accounts and financial records of the Society;

(m) Appointing legal counsel as necessary;

(n) Making policies, rules and regulations for operating the Society and using its facilities and assets;

(o) Selling, disposing of, or mortgaging any or all of the property of the Society; and

(p) Without limiting the general responsibility of the Board, delegating powers and duties to the Executive Director of the Society.


Each Director should have each of the skills or attributes described below:

1. Demonstrate high ethical standards and integrity in his or her personal and public conduct.

2. Possess experience in and knowledge of the science and outreach fields sufficient to enable the individual to be an effective Director.

3. Possess experience in professional or volunteer positions that will enable him or her to provide useful insights into various matters addressed by the board.


Contact Information

Organization: Alberta Science Network
Contact Person: Sabrina Lynn
Phone Number: (403) 848-4482
Email Address: central(at)

Opportunity Details

Alberta Science Network
  • Education
  • Mentor
  • Mentoring/Tutoring
  • Tutoring
Volunteer Position
Red Deer, AB
November 5, 2019

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