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Michener Services

Position / Placement: Various Volunteer Positions

Michener Services provides all levels of care for adults with disabilities in a home environment. There are several volunteer opportunities available at all times. The volunteer screening process starts with  a discussion with the volunteer coordinator to determine what volunteer position is best suited for you. A volunteer can move from one volunteer potion to another  to enable a positive volunteer experience for the volunteer and the individuals being volunteered with.  Some training is offered to volunteers and all volunteers will receive the support required to have a successful volunteer opportunity. All volunteers must have a caring and positive attitude along with the commitments that go with volunteering. Volunteers must be able to follow direction from others.

We currently have the following positions available:

Volunteer Friend: Become a friend with an individual with disabilities supporting them in activities that you would both like to do. Must be 18 years of age. Must be a caring, dedicated  individual willingly to build a friendship. Required time for volunteering is based on the volunteers availability for volunteering.


Home volunteer: Be a supportive person to all individuals with disabilities living in a  home. Participate in individuals outings within the greater community of Red Deer or activities occurring on the home. Must be 18 years of age. Must be a caring , dedicated individual willingly to commit to  recreational activities with in a home.


Palliative care volunteer: Must be 18 years of age and have some experience or training in palliative care. Must be an individual who knows their boundaries when dealing with individuals with disabilities who are at end of life. Must be an individual who can put aside their own beliefs i.e. religion during the time of  end of life. Must be a caring  and dedicated individual with flexibility in time for volunteering.


Placement volunteer: Be a creative individual with flexibility in time to volunteer in several activities with individuals with disabilities. Volunteer will follow direction of a support staff in providing individuals with activities that they enjoy. Activities range from dances, swimming, movies, out for coffee, shopping etc. Volunteer must be a caring and dedicated individual with flexible time to volunteer.


Music Enthusiast: Must be 18 years of age and be able to play a musical instrument. Share your gift of music with an audience of individuals with disabilities. You can play your instrument of choice solo or enlist a group of music enthusiast to join you. This is a good opportunity for groups to practice with a non judgmental audience who will appreciated your musical talents. The volunteer time for music enthusiasts is Monday to Thursday evenings 6 to 7 pm, pick the night that works the best for you or your group.


Contact Information

Organization: Michener Services
Contact Person: Alana Hancock
Phone Number: 403-340-7803
Email Address: alana.hancock(at)

Opportunity Details

Michener Services
Volunteer Position
September 30, 2019

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