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You Rock Jordan’s World!

Dec 01, 2016


“When I was growing up, my dad left to work in Alberta. With pretty much my only father figure gone, my mother thought it would be best that I join the Big Brothers Association. I participated in the OWL Program, where unmatched brothers and two or three volunteers would get together after school, play sports, eat a healthy snack, and just talk together. That program was so beneficial to me.

After a while, I stopped being mentored and started mentoring others. I assisted in fundraising events and gave it my all because I knew the impact it can bring. Volunteer Central was a gold mine: browsing the website, I came across an opportunity at the Life Long Learning Council. I also found the Canadian Cancer Society through Volunteer Central and helped organize the Relay for Life Event.

I’ve dealt with many distressed individuals. Just being there to hear them out, and maybe point them in the right direction, is not only rewarding for them but also for me. Seeing the impact drives me forward.”                       – Jordan Roy, Board of Directors Member, LLLC Red Deer

Your support for Volunteer Central isn’t just working harder, it’s working smarter. Volunteer Central is the volunteer hub connecting volunteers with organizations in order to help nonprofits carry out their missions.

Jordan says, “Volunteering is a way for me to make meaningful connections inside my community. Ever since I was young, I knew that I liked helping people. I would rather see smiles on their faces than frowns. There are many issues individuals face each day, and thankfully there are organizations and causes out there to help. Just knowing that I can be part of a team to tackle these issues, making the difference in even one person’s life, is what drives me to volunteer. What kind of impact can I make?”

Supporters like you see the value volunteers bring to the community. You know how much work is achieved by volunteers in our community (2 billion hours in 2013, according to Stats Canada), from giving people shelter from the cold, to providing kids with tools for school, to helping newcomers with language and settlement issues, and packing food hampers to feed the hungry.

You know that recovery from the economic downturn is going to take a while. Typically, in economically-challenged times, there’s more demand for helping hands like those of Jordan Roy.

Volunteering rocks Jordan Roy’s world. This holiday season, your financial gift to Volunteer Central will rock the world of your friends and neighbours; people just like Jordan who help nonprofits in central Alberta carry out their life-changing missions. Please donate to Volunteer Central today.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!


Pam Snowdon

Executive Director


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