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Keeping Good Company

Sep 24, 2019

Written by Ryan Charles Parker


It is a matter of course that we age. Getting older with time is some-thing we’re all doing, as long as we’re alive.

And during our lifespan, we need companionship. We are social beings, and we were born to be with others. That is as much a fact as aging is. Sometimes we need solitude, but more often we need company.

This is where the Golden Circle comes in.

The Golden Circle is an organization that helps seniors live the best life they possibly can, with respect to their individual circumstances. And this is a service that helps the health, both mental and physical, of the seniors in our community.

As Sharon Vanin from the Golden Circle said, “there is so much research that shows that as seniors become more isolated, their quality of life goes down and they may suffer things like depression.They live a shorter life.” 

The organization provides many opportunities for seniors to come to the center and interact in ways such as playing board games and cards. They even have a program called “Sit and Be Fit” which provides an opportunity to exercise for those who have mobility issues.

“We encourage that socialization,” explains Vanin.

The Golden Circle also helps seniors eat healthier. They serve healthy meals at the center (the scheduling of which can be found on their Facebook page, the link to which is provided at the end of the article). And for those seniors who do not like to cook, the organization runs a service that provides frozen meals to them.

“(The meals) are prepared in our kitchen. They are very low fat and very low in sodium,” Vanin explains.

These are just some of the programs that are provided by the center. The Golden Circle also provide services to keep seniors in their own homes for as long as they can. There are many other ways in which the Golden Circle helps. They back-check candidate assistants to help seniors with personal matters that would be very difficult without their services. Once the potential prospects are cleared to work for the elderly, they are hired personally by a senior to help with a variety of chores and other errands.

As Vanin comments, “They can hire someone to do their yard work, do their snow-shoveling and to do house-keeping and grocery delivery.”

The organization does not receive grants, so they cover much of their operational cost by doing fundraising. But even this wouldn’t be enough if they didn’t have volunteers. They are the backbone of Golden Circle.

“We couldn’t run without volunteers,” Vanin says. “Every event that we have, volunteers will decorate the building and serve the meals. Volunteers will go out and pick up individuals to bring them to the Golden Circle for lunches.”

Volunteers are behind the desk at the Golden Circle’s center, ready to give face-to-face information, provide brochures and answer the phones for those inquiring about the services the organization offers.

The Golden Circle is there for seniors. And it’s a great thing too, be-cause we wouldn’t be here without them. For more information, you can visit the Golden Circle’s website: or check out their Facebook at



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