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Audrey’s League for Wayward Animals Yearning for Safety (A.L.W.A.Y.S) is a volunteer run, foster based rescue organisation in Central Alberta who will care for any companion animal. We strive to show compassion, always in all ways.

The ALWAYS volunteer foster care program provides temporary housing and care for companion animals yearning for safety, and we are in urgent need of foster homes for a variety of animals; furred, feathered, and scaled.

In addition to our rescue work that literally saves lives, we are expanding our program to help women and children fleeing domestic violence that have no place to home their beloved companion animal while they seek sanctuary.

We need loving homes like yours to continue helping these animals in need.
A.L.W.A.Y.S will provide the basic necessities to care for the animal being fostered, the foster family provides space, socialization, appropriate levels of exercise, and lots and lots of love!

We welcome pet owners as foster parents, however, please keep in mind that your own animal(s) should be up to date with their vaccinations to keep everyone fit and healthy.

The timeframe for each foster situation will vary and can be discussed with our Executive Director.

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