Meal Companion

Bethany CollegeSide

Disability Services

1 - 2 hours


Suitable for:


Criminal Record Check Required?


• Demonstrate awareness and adhere to all Service Excellence standards, practices and guidelines as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook and Orientation
• Follow all infection control and health practices/procedures which may include use of PPE and specific screening in an outbreak or pandemic
• Complete education session or mandatory reviews as required
• Interact with residents while supporting, assisting and encouraging them to eat during mealtimes
• Notify LPN and staff of your presence in the house, and that you are ready to assist
• Perform personal hand hygiene
• Find assigned resident in dining room, check posted nutritional profile of any dietary changes
• Apply clothing protectors if required
• Assist resident with hand hygiene
• Help resident to be as independent as possible and to maintain dignity
• Describe food items presented on plate to resident
• Add salt/pepper/butter according to residents’ wishes and dietary restrictions
• Open packages such as crackers, creamers, etc. and stir beverages
• Ensure food is right temperature, if not, cool it down by waving hand back/forth over hot food
• Obtain refills as requested by resident
• Supervise or feed resident as appropriate
• Provide reminders and support to keep resident focused on task of eating
• Assist with clearing tables, cleaning up as required
• Wear Bethany Volunteer Photo Identification
• Record volunteer hours

Organization Contact

Kimberly Darbyson

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