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Volunteer Central is looking for youth (ages 15-25) volunteer bloggers who are willing to submit one blog per month. We are open to all types of content suggestions, but ask that they relate to the topic of volunteering through your voice - the youth!

We encourage all creativity when it comes to the medium of the content as it relates to youth and volunteering. Things like: infographics, animations, blogs, vlogs, a short article recommending some links, a photo essay, or even something based on a meme and other fun and interesting ways to engage with other youth is encouraged! When submitting a blog, we don't ask for much more than 500 words or so. 

Blog posts are great for Volunteer Central because they provide content and drive traffic to the website, but they are also a great opportunity for youth volunteers. How so? Volunteer blogging allows you to:

• engage with a wider audience of like-minded young change makers
• grow your writing portfolio and publish with a recognized non-profit organization
• hone your communication skills
• helps you sharpen your writing and storytelling skills

If you are interested, please email Danielle at Please include a bit about yourself and pitch us a couple ideas or topics that you would like to create some content about! We look forward to hearing from you!

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