Red Deer Child Care: Connected to Community

Red Deer Child Care operates child care programs throughout the city for children ages 0-12. Having been a part of the community for 50 years, Red Deer Child Care serves approximately 750 children, and 600 families in the Red Deer area (*Pre-Covid).

Red Deer Child Care calls on approximately 8 volunteers annually that contribute over 20 hours as the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors make the organizational decisions and guide the organization's mission to the community. Without the volunteers, the agency would cease to exist, leaving many families looking for alternative options in child-care.

Staying connected...

Red Deer Child Care Society found that getting the word out to the public that they are seeking volunteers was difficult. Volunteer Central helps to alleviate this with our online volunteer opportunity directory, and through our community newsletter, which collectively generates over 6,000 views monthly. Having been a Volunteer Central partner for 3 years now, Red Deer Child Care appreciates the nonprofit training opportunities that Volunteer Central provides, being able to support other nonprofits in the city, and finds intrinsic value in the opportunities Volunteer Central provides for them to stay connected and engaged in the community.

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