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Volunteer Central Partner Organizations are entitled to unlimited Volunteer and Non-Profit Career Opportunity postings, as well as Event Listings that will be promoted and seen to over 4,000 volunteers for just $100/year.

Interested in becoming a Partner? Click here to find out more!

Non-partner organizations: ​​
  • Posting fees are $75+GST/month/post.
Please choose from the options below and complete the form to submit your opportunity online. 
To submit manually, email info(at) or call (403) 346-3710.
*Note: if you are not a partner and choose the partner option you will be contacted for billing.
Please send us your submissions before 12 pm on weekdays if you want your submission posted on the same day. Thank you.

Treat volunteers as newcomers

Whether volunteers are new to the country, new to the city, or just new to your organization, assume that volunteers need to be acquainted, both with your organization and with their purpose as volunteers in it.   Your volunteer posting should greet a potential volunteer much the way you would greet a successful applicant on orientation day.   Explain what your organization does, who it assists, and what their volunteer role will be. 

Be a salesperson

There are many positions available for volunteers to choose from.   They need to know what their time and effort will accomplish.  Be descriptive of what the position achieves, and also of the benefits that they can expect out of it (resume development, hour and activity tracking, potential for job references, meeting new people, how they will be assisting the community)

Be visual

Our new website enables you to be visual and maintain your brand identity on your post’s separate page.   .jpg and .png logos, and even posters, are easily embedded so that the same image you use to promote your positions across social media or in print media are what you use for us.  In a world that is turning increasingly visual, take advantage of that capacity.   Your voice, your image! 

Be specific

Volunteers like to know what a position will entail, so be specific.  How many hours are required, what kind of environment will they be working in, what skills do they need, what skills can they develop?   Be as descriptive as you can about the position.

Maintain contact

For people nervous about sending off an application, it is comforting to know who is at the other end of a communication, so be sure that volunteers can reach a dedicated individual at the contact information you give us, or be sure that your voicemails and autoreplies at those contact points reflect when they can expect to hear back from you about their applications.  Be sure to get back to them in a timely manner. 


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