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Volunteer Central's Sector News E-Newsletter Archive


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    Life Would Be Bleak and Boring Without the Arts

    30 Jul, 2020

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker   For many of us, life without art is empty. No, having access to it is not a matter of life and death, but it can be the difference between meaning and lack thereof. We’ve all had a very tough past few months, and they wou…

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    To You As Well

    14 Jul, 2020

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker There have been few times in recent history in which we have needed each other so badly. The reasons are plain to all of us. We’re counting on each other, sometimes in the face of great peril. To help another person without …

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    18 Jun, 2020

    Isabel with her student, Ockjoo, during an virtual tutoring session.   Written by Ryan Charles Parker  //  Photo: Isabel Bolhuis   Things were different back then. It seems odd to use the phrase “back then” when it has only been a matter of months si…

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    Day in the Life of a Volunteer: Board of Directors

    11 Mar, 2020

     Written by Danielle Stewart // Photo: Aisley Miles; Program Manager; Psychology Student; Board of Directors Volunteer   As we come up to National Volunteer Week, we thought it was a good time to start dispelling some common misconceptions about volunt…

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    Volunteer of the Month - Mckenna Causey

    20 Jan, 2020

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker This is a story about dedication. A long chronicle of helping for the sake of others. A tale of self-sacrifice. An unfinished history of giving without any care of material reward or personal recognition. For Mckenna, chari…

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    Introducing: Our volunteer blogger, Ryan Charles Parker

    16 Jan, 2020

    For quite some time now we've have the pleasure of working with our volunteer blogger, Ryan Charles Parker. Each month Ryan generously donates his time and dynamic writing skills to provide invaluable content to our readers, telling the influential stories…

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    Good Business of the Month: Peavey Industries LP

    13 Jan, 2020

    Written by Ryan Charles Parker If you want supplies to build a house, you go to a local hardware store. If you want help promoting community solidarity, you go to a local charitable organization. If you want both, you go to Peavey Industries LP. Peavey I…

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    New Year, New Rates

    04 Dec, 2019

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